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I’ve always been a fan of clever marketing campaigns, particularly in food and drink. Having spent a career working in the industry, it’s always nice to see what ideas those with the biggest budgets come up with, particularly on the consumer side where there is perhaps a bit more licence to be more creative. And sometimes, the old ideas are the best.

One of my favourite marketing campaigns is an incredibly simple one, but one that keeps getting rolled out again and again thanks to its continued success. I’m talking about personalised packaging.

Personalisation is an increasingly useful tool in marketing, used over many years everything from direct mail and email marketing, to targeted radio adverts in different geographic areas. And when it comes to packaging, personalisation presents a huge opportunity in the lucrative Christmas market.

If you’ve walked around the gift section of any major department store this year, or started your online shopping, you will have almost certainly noticed what seems to be an endless supply of food and drink products with the option of personalised packaging.

I first saw it with Nutella in Selfridges a few years ago, and since then the idea seems to have exploded across all manner of food and drink categories. Here are a few of my favourites for Christmas 2021:

  • Nutella – everyone’s favourite spread has gone one step further this year with a labelled jar containing 21 mini Nutella jars that you can personalise yourself with messages.
  • Cadbury – use the Cadbury gifts direct store to add your Christmas message and even upload a photo to the famous Dairy Milk wrapper.
  • Toblerone – is getting in on the action this year with a smart new website that lets you choose from a range of stylish boxes, before adding a name for a personal touch.
  • Coca Cola – away from confectionary, Coca Cola’s ‘names on bottles’ campaign was a huge success when it launched back in 2014, resulting in a sales increase for the first time in a decade. Now you can choose a personalised can from one of five designs before adding your loved one’s name.
  • Veuve Clicquot – it’s not a name, but now you can personalise your Champagne gift exclusively in Selfridges with an arrow-shaped tin featuring the name of any city or town.
  • Heinz – yes, Heinz. Because who doesn’t want a personalised can of beans or bottle of ketchup this Christmas?

Have you seen any others this year? Connect with me and share them on LinkedIn.