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So, England’s participation may be over for another year. But there is still plenty of sport to get people excited this summer.

And for pubs and restaurants still trying to make up for lost profits after months of restrictions, there’s no better opportunity.

After the EURO2020 tournament finishes, we have the Lions tour and Olympics to look forward to. I’ve been busy working with my clients to help promote the opportunities of a sizzling summer of sport through PR and here are some of their top tips for venues.

Bring out the BBQ

They might be dependent on the weather but BBQs offer a huge opportunity to drive footfall, especially because they enable outdoor dining while social distancing is still in place.

BBQs combine speed, ease and convenience for customers, with fuss-free catering for the operator – but it’s no longer enough to offer an overcooked burger and a few chargrilled sausages. Driven by the street food revolution and increased demand for global flavours, BBQ diners are seeking quality, flavoursome and visually attractive menus. From gourmet burgers and plant-based options to Korean BBQ and smokehouse specials, the opportunities are endless.

Raising the quality of breads

One of the most important aspects of a burger in the social media era is the bread carrier and I’ve been working extensively with St. Pierre Groupe to promote its brioche range of burger buns and hot dog rolls. 

As St. Pierre Groupe states: “This is more than just a functional item to hold the product. A good quality bread carrier is part of the appeal; an easy way to add margin and, crucially, to add to the visual appeal. And quality clearly matters, as research from Food Spark shows that people are willing to pay £1.25 extra for the right gourmet burger carrier.

Unlocking opportunities through innovation

Another solution that I’m pleased to have been able to support in recent months is the UNOX EVEREO hot fridge. This product redefines hot-holding, giving operators the opportunity to preserve hot food such as burgers, sausages, pulled pork and beef brisket for days at service temperature.

It means no waiting time for customers, better kitchen scheduling for operators and great-tasting, high quality food when it’s needed – perfect for the busy summer season of outdoor dining. Look out for it at the Commercial Kitchen Show in September.

These are just two examples of products and services I’ve been promoting to the trade press. Follow me on LinkedIn for more updates or get in touch if you want to discuss more about how I do it.

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