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Every single organisation has had to adapt in some way over the last 12 months. From PR agencies to catering equipment manufacturers, publishers to pubs, we’ve all faced challenges. And one of the most positive things to come out of the pandemic for me has been the way in which businesses have pivoted to overcome those challenges.

Pub and restaurants in particular have found new revenue streams, whether that’s developing a more effective takeaway service or tapping into the ‘heat at home’ trend. I’ve already blogged about some of these here. However, in many cases this wouldn’t have been possible without an innovative supply chain working to develop solutions that enable such flexibility.

From my position working with a number of forward-thinking organisations, I’ve had the privilege of seeing (and writing about) these innovations. So here are a just two examples of how suppliers have been helping operators to perfect the pivot.

Filta Group – now incorporating front-of-house

Proactive client Filta Group has always supported customers ‘behind-the-scenes’ with hygiene services including grease management solutions, but it also moved to front-of-house as a result of the COVID lockdown. It developed a range of services to help operators maintain and promote good hygiene, in particular working to help reduce the risk of stop/start closures during periods when venues have been allowed to open.

At various points in the last 12 months this has included a three-step sanitisation service, an all-encompassing hand sanitiser supply solution and fever scanning cameras, which are still available now. These provide an extra layer of security by monitoring the temperature of staff and customers before they enter the premises.

UNOX – tapping into takeaways and click & collect

It’s no surprise that takeaways have seem a boom while operators have been forced to close. By August 2020, Britain’s delivery orders were more than double what they were pre-COVID and equipment manufacturers have been quick to develop new solutions which support kitchens to meet changing demands.

Oven manufacturer UNOX is a perfect example. Our client has redefined hot-holding with the EVEREO® ‘hot fridge’, which replaces traditional, energy-intensive process of blast chilling, cold storage and regeneration. Instead, it uses patented technology to maintain food safely at the temperature at which it is served and eaten, and above the danger zone for bacterial growth, for days or weeks – perfect for holding takeaway or click & collect orders until they are ready to be sent out the door.  

Do you have more examples? Connect with me on LinkedIn and continue the conversation.